Five Factors That Determine Dumpster Prices

When renting a Center Valley PA rent a dumpster for residential or commercial use, it’s important to shop around. Although providers generally have similar cost structures, the actual rates may be affected by several factors. Here are five of them you should look at before renting a receptacle.


1 . Location Unbeknownst to the majority of renters, service providers often add pickup and delivery charges to the final bill. For customers who reside many miles away, these frequently undisclosed fees can make a siginificant difference in Center Valley PA rent a dumpster prices. For this reason it’s always a good idea to shop as close to the site as possible. Just make sure the rental company is actually located in your area. Larger providers may serve numerous counties, but if they’re headquartered many miles away, travel costs may come into play. 2. Receptacle Size Bigger units not only have a greater initial price tag, they’re also more expensive to transport. As a result, how big the bin is the biggest factor when it comes to Center Valley PA rent a dumpster prices. It is also the reason renters should avoid ordering oversized receptacles. Larger-than-needed units are far more expensive and take up a lot of space. 3. Rental Period Most companies rent their receptacles for seven to ten days. There are a handful of companies that provide two-week rental periods. Shoppers should keep on the lookout for haulers who claim to offer a weekly period but only give clients five days. Because many projects go over schedule, it’s important to ask about late charges. Particularly, you will want to know if they charge by the day or by the week. 4. Hazardous Materials For homeowners who are preparing a home or garage cleanout, extra Center Valley PA rent a dumpster prices may apply for some unwanted items. Microwaves, mattresses, bicycle tires, and other common items are often considered hazardous materials by waste disposal companies. As such, the hauler will almost always are expectant of additional compensation for removing these items. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of this fact , nor find out about it until they get the final bill. There may also be different rates for household and construction debris. As a general rule, the former is more expensive.

5. Expedited Pickup/Delivery Because receptacles are often needed in a hurry, some providers offer same-day delivery and pickup services. For homeowners, this options comes in handy during emergency repairs. Getting a container on the scene that day can save money and time on cleanup. It is important to observe that while some larger haulers offer this service for free, most of the smaller ones will charge. Because they simply would not have the manpower or equipment to deliver and pickup containers whenever and wherever needed, same-day delivery/pickup costs extra. That said, almost all haulers offer next-day service for no added fee.